Thank you for your interest in Kalico Kards - I have been creating and retailing them for more than 20 years locally!  Kalico Kards are created from scratch with fabric designs hand cut from cotton fabric - some are original, others are prints.  Birthday cards are the most popular and my largest stock- I create 25 cards of each design using 65# white cover stock, and each is created, embellished, and hand printed with words to coordinate with the design: some "punny", some funny, some encouraging, others sassy, sentimental, or a spin on words.  

Cards for the male gender are usually difficult to find, so I pay particular attention to having a sufficient selection of them along with cards for children and adolescents.  Cards for gals are really what I enjoy creating and I do have a large variety as well excellent pricing so you can purchase your 10 and get the 20% discount, as well as free shipping.

If you have any comments, questions, or requests, please contact me by email and I will respond within 24 hours.  Thank you again for shopping at Kalico Kards.


the kardlady