At a time in my life when family and friends are  retiring - I opened  this new website - because I believe age is just a matter of mind!  I've learned to do what I love doing and to give it up would be cutting off what inspires and gives me great pleasure!

Everyone has a dream, ideals, and a purpose of being  - I found mine in making Kalico Kards - creating cards fills all three of these!  It took me half a lifetime to find what I was cut out for  - and all the while, the love of fabric was already mine, as was my passion for words of inspiration, hope, and encouragement!  Everyone has a passion - it's where you put it however, that  really matters!  On the flip side of 50 years, a time of life when I should have been happy and thriving,  I didn't have too much hope  -  I was living with back pain  every day and it was getting worse.   I chose to leave a job I loved and it wasn't long before  I created my first Kalico Kard using fabric as my medium.  The dream was already in me, it didn't have  reality or a name but it was there:  As a youngster I had spent hours with boxes of fabric appliques my grandmother,  an avid quilter, stored in our attic!  40 some years later the times spent playing with those appliques bore its fruit - the love continues as I give reality to my dreams, ideals and memories thru bits and pieces  of cotton fabric.

I've become what I love 24 hours a day- I am Kalico Kards!  While on vacation, a shower curtain image became  the little black dress on a Kalico birthday card -the message came instantly:  "We've still got it - it's just a matter of remembering where we put it!" The billboards along the road  while traveling create Kalico Kards for me or I'll overhear a conversation and the words are perfect for a card I have in mind!

This website represents me!   When it comes to marketing, I'm not the greatest, but I love what I do and that's enough for me!  There's no middleman so I share what I do with my customers - only God knows how many cards I have in stock!  So if you don't find what you're looking for online, just ask -  there's probably one already made - and if not  I'll make it for you! Custom cards are no problem!

-the kardlady