Over the year I've heard so many nice things about Kalico Kards so I have highlighted a few of them below!  Send your comments about my website and/or Kalico Kards and I will add it to this page along with the others...


I won one of the door prizes. . . and mine was the best one - Kalico Kards!  I love them! Thank you! -Margaret H.

Enjoying your cards very much...they're so beautiful, special  and unique! -Ginger

Just letting you know I received my order of Christmas cards and as usual they are beautiful ....and I thank you for the gift of a few new ones!  Pat T.

You do such a good job creating them,  I appreciate all the work you must put into them! -Carolyn 

I so admire your cards!  Lois B.

I really love  Kalico Kards - half of these will go to my sister for a Christmas gift and the rest are for me.  EllieT.

Your cards have brought happiness to so many here at the Phoebe home!  Mary C.

You are amazing!  I love the Irish Anniversary card you made for my daughter...it's perfect!  Renie B.

Your cards are wonderful - thank you so much for the time you put into them!  Marion P.

I received so many positive comments about your cards at the Quilt show -they are unique. Angie 

Your little Amish girl card is so special I want to order more of them for my friends!    Ruby N. Honolulu

Thank you for the adorable cupcake card - it filled the bill!  Jenn

Your  messages  are indeed pleasant to read!  Pat S.

You give a whole new meaning to the word thoughtful!  I love Kalico Kards! Carol T.

As you must have gathered by now, I love Kalico Kards - my pupils and my friends love them as well- Dorothy K.

The Kalico Kard I sent to my daughter in Alabama was a blessing - after all this time she responded!  Thank you so much!  Jean N.

God's spirit sure shines through your cards!  Mary

We get raves on the cards - you do a superb job ! Winnie S.

 I really really appreciate your cards - the variety, neatness, added touches and of course the very nice printing.  My family  enjoys them too - I notice they keep them! Thanks a million!  Ellie T

I love your new website  - Holly

I love these cards - they are the only reason I come to the show!  Angie L

You do such a swell job ----I love your messages!  Betty M

I'm so happy you're here -  Hilda K

Thank you so much for the special  75th Anniversary card you created for me - it was loved by all who saw it..... Pat T

Received the cards today and they are boooootiful!  You do such nice work!  RenieB

I just love your "special" cards - they are absolutely beautiful!  I gave the wedding money holder to my grand daughter and she said it is definitely "a keeper"!  Mary Z