Thank you for stopping by the home of Kalico Kards - the hand made, hand cut fabric greeting cards for all occasions that are called "keepers"!   I have worked at what I love locally for 23 years making my cards available at craft shows and a few shops in my neighborhood.  I made my catalog available online in 2006  so my local customers could keep up with it during the months there are no shows.  It's only recently since I've cut back in the number of hours spent on the road that I've applied more of my time to marketing online.

Kalico Kards are hand made start to finish!  I use mostly white 65# card stock which I purchase and  have cut at a local printer - the rest of my resources are secured online or locally at a craft or fabric store.  My studio is in my home and I still open it every morning like a business and try to close up at a decent time each day!  My creative months are in the wintertime and my shows  for selling my cards are best the other 3 seasons.   There was a time I did between 20 and 40 shows in a year - I am presently down to just a few - my age is catching up to me!

When asked what I miss most about the many shows I did, I would tell you it's the customers sharing Kalico Kards with each other as they browse.