Thank you for stopping at the home of Kalico Kards - the hand made, hand cut fabric greeting cards for all occasions that their receivers call "keepers"!   I have worked at what I love locally for 24 years making my cards available at craft shows and  shops in the neighborhood.  My catalog is online since 2006.  Recently I've cut back on the hours spent at shows but still plan to retail my cards at the same pricing online!

Kalico Kards are handmade start to finish!  I usually use white 65# card stock which is purchase  and cut  my own stock and even make some of my envelopes by hand - the rest of my resources and embellishments are secured online or locally at a craft or fabric shops.  My studio is in my home and I still open it each morning like a business while taking care of my husband and home between  cardmaking !  As long as my health allows I will continue- presently however I am only taking a few shows a year which I've listed on my events calendar. If you don't like purchasing things or paying for your cards online, make a list of your items and catalog numbers and phone me.  I check my messages constantly! 

When asked what I miss  about the many shows I did, I can honestly say it's you - the customers  laughing and sharing their views as they browse over what I love creating!  I'd love for you to write your comments in my guest book here - I love positive views!

I am usually available for phone calls but you'll have to leave your number and a message that you're call is about Kalico Kards, and  I'll call you right back.  I still create custom cards as always, and if it's not using one of my fabric designs, there is a minimal fee which we can determine when you call.  I would love to be your kardlady- ready to serve you when asked.  Thank you again for visiting Kalico Kards online!  

The heart behind and before Kalico Kards