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Kalico Kards  are handmade greeting cards for any occasion, with hand-cut calico cotton fabric designs, and hand printed messages that are personalized for you no charge.  My  birthday cards are the most popular selections and the largest catalog item, but every occasion is a special occasion for a Kalico Kard to be sent!

Created with 65# white card stock in a few different sizes from 4x5" folded to 5x7" folded - each card is embellished and hand printed in my own style  with words that connect with the design!  Some are "punny" or cute, others encouraging and uplifting, some sweet and sentimental, still others sassy or just a spin on words.  I just love what I do therefore the price of Kalico Kards is affordable for their  quality, and there's no middleman!

Usually cards for men and teenage boys are hard to find - not at  Kalico Kards, there is a large selection for every age and gender, and I aim to please you, my customers. Cards for gals are the most popular and I enjoy creating them,  especially for those living on the flip side of 50! 

I try to cover all the bases, and that makes a Kalico Kard kind of personal - of course your thoughtful choices are what your loved ones rave about... and they will rave -  so its good to take advantage of my affordable pricing that discounts a bundle of 10 or 20 at a time so you'll always have them on hand,  personalized with their individual name!

If you add your name and email address to my Resource/Contact page and my email address to your address book, you'll receive notes regarding local craft fairs, new additions to my card catalog,  offers to save yourself more money as well as  upcoming events or answers to your holiday needs.  

I aim to please and do have a money back guarantee if you're not  satisfied with any purchase.  I'd love to hear your comments about shopping at Kalico Kards along with your order -  I'll post it on my customer review page for others to see if you don't mind.

Thank you much  for choosing Kalico Kards and for visiting the heart behind them.

the kard lady