-I have added "Faith Prints"  to my already large online catalog of cards.  After my daughter saw the first few,  she put  her order in for 50 - and that was her 2016 Christmas gift. I've since created more.  Her request was for cards with Christian messages and popular bible verses and their references inside.  I did add a few with encouraging quotes but she wanted notes also to  write a few words of her own.  


Also, I recently added an inspiring line of "Special Cards" using  spellbinder die cut shapes and I'm so inspired  I've decided to extend my card making years!  So if you heard me say " this is my last year"- let me correct myself!  I've started a whole new line of cards and they will keep me going for a while yet!

 If you've not yet seen the elaborate wedding card which was the first of my Special Cards, some of which are  personalized gift cards like the wedding card,  check out the wedding category here to view it -  I put the wedding card online after I found a  mailer that is sturdy enough for the dimensions these kinds of cards need!

Since then I've added many other "Special Cards for Special Occasions and Special People"!  They are listed under the registry as Special blank cards and Special Cards with messages. They include shipping, and because the cards are "bulky" they require package mailing first class and the cost for that  begins at $2.50 which increases the price of the Special cards $2.50 - however, my thoughts are, special people are worth it, so are special occasions!