Welcome to my new shop - with a shopping cart!  When  it comes to quality, service and price, Kalico Kards are the "people's choice"!  Personalizing is free, because having the receivers name hand printed on your cards is why  individuals rave about them and call them "keepers" - they also respond to    you  when they receive them!  Kalico Kards are individually hand made, created with hand cut fabric design and prints that say "I know you and love who you are"! The hand printed message with their name attached has spoken to them - so be aware of this when choosing their card!  Shipping is included with each cards price already - and when you  purchase 10 or more  they are automatically discounted in the shopping cart, and again at 20 or more!    Kalico Kards  are the kind of card you just want to keep -  you'll even  find yourself tempted to hang onto them - but send them out, and you'll be loved for them!  Tell about your experiences with Kalico Kards by saying a few words in my guest book!


A picture of the me with a few Kalico Kards- taken for an article published  in The Morning Call titled  "Second Acts - A new career on the flip side of 50!"